This is a feasibility study/concept for a mix-use / entertainment / education complex in Danang, Vietnam. The complex houses diverse programs: service apartment/student boarding/teacher’s housing, American 4-grade school, edutainment, office, wedding centre, cinemas, beer club, entertainment (kids and adults), department stores, retails, fitness centre, health and beauty salon, tennis courts, etc., in 105,000m2 GFA. Shared amenities (sports, education, services) are linked together at club level via skybridges and on ground. Completed in 2 phases, the entire project is designed for steel construction. Sustainability towards the city’s millenium goal includes PV panels, increased daylighting via external circulation, and extensive use of roof gardens.

Amenities are shared amongst residents, students, office workers, and visitors. These include mini-soccer, basketballs, tennis courts, olympic sized lap pool, fitness centre, yoga, martial art, soft skills training centre, running track, and basement parking. Sportsfield can be turned into event space with skybridge used as backdrop. School’s teaching space is integrated with student’s boarding/teacher’s housing in the lower rise via skybridge. In the upper rise are service apartments. Four grades of the American school (early learning to high school) are arranged each on separate floor, with top floor housing the school’s shared facilities. The student population is estimated to be 800 pupils.

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