We invest intellectually on sustainable design because we conceive sustainability a way of the future and a foundation of all future cities. We believe that sustainable design can be practiced at all levels, from building, community design to city planning. Realizing this is a difficult endeavor in emerging cities, we persevere in implementing this in our design and discussion of projects because sustainability holds a more promising future than fast payback practice. We also believe sustainability pursuit is affordable and not expensive. It is a long-term investment for better construction life cycle that benefits both the client and the society at large. The current environmental and energy crises force society to consider the significance of an architecture that embraces energy efficient designs. Especially for young cities, where changes can still more easily be made, these designs should be even more promoted.

We anticipate these cities will grow and expand quickly, so will their energy demand. We also see building and infrastructure are made in-tandem. A high performance or green building reduces energy costs. A green infrastructure reduces scope and limits extent of public expenditure. Part of our design practice is advocacy to increase public awareness. We advocate for a reduction in public infrastructure spending by installation of green infrastructures and a direct public sponsorship of green buildings to curb growing energy demand. We envision the process will lead to greener cities that are cooler to live and more resources-efficient to run, yet without reduction in luxury, fun and beauty.

One green building will transform the private space of the owner and benefits all end-users. One green community will transform the concept for homes and for public space while engage residents’ participation and promote public lives. One green city will transform all its denizens’ lives.

As a company, we focus our efforts on emerging cities like Vietnam. We design and consult to help make small transformation in these cities at both urban and building scales.