We see design as an iterative process of exploration and discovery. In our design, we try to bring in early building and planning best practices using applicable performance criteria, BIM and careful site analysis. This results in a very different design outcome where we can see the functional, aesthetic and operational benefits interact. The advantage of this design approach is that we can provide the most appropriate design solution to the client based on wider set of design criteria which are normally done without extra costs involved.

In context of emerging cities, client often sees functional, aesthetic and (unfront) cost criteria more important than other criteria. But this overlooks the important operational and life cycle costs of the construction project. Different from other design firms, we can help client compute the project’s ROI early on, based on the balanced consideration of functional and operational cost-benefit analysis. We strongly believe design has its own value, and in comtemporary context, a strong branding impact. But we also believe good design should also be about performance and efficiency and its objective should be to provide client with better operational and life cycle choices.